Learn why the world's most innovative
companies use Innovation Cafe.

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Enabling the world's most
innovative companies...


Get inspired by ideas from all over the world. Our global community is a market place of ideas and thought leaders. 


None of us can do it alone. Work with your team to  implement your ideas by using our powerful social tools.


The power of sharing

The Innovation Cafe is built around the concept of social-based innovation, allowing the activity of an active and engaged community to filter, build on and strengthen ideas. Sharing creates value.

Our platform has everything you need to collaborate effectively, both internally and externally. We have helped some of the most innovative companies in the world to enable crowd-sourced activity and ensure their innovation activities are always relevant.

Some of our core features include:

  • Idea Management and Sharing
  • Recommendation and Rating Engines
  • Social Network and Digital Feed
  • Idea Rating and Gamification
  • Sentiment and Relevance Analysis

Making Innovation Work

A good innovation management tool should:

  • Help you discover and manage ideas 
  • Allow you to connect and collaborate easily across your organization
  • Integrate with and enhance your day-to-day activities
  • Allow you to monitor activity and results

The most innovative companies know that supporting collaborative activity allows any business to thrive.

Learn what the most innovative companies do differently.

We have helped some of the most innovative companies in the world get that way. We help unlock the power of the people and the ideas already within your organization. Most importantly, we’re not just about whiteboards and sticky notes– we actually help you get those ideas implemented effectively and efficiently so your customers, your employees and your stakeholders see tangible benefits right away. We help you turn ideas into results.