Differentiating your Offering

The importance of driving collaboration as a means to enhance innovative output has not escaped those with half an eye open. Platforms and innovation enablement software have begun emerging across different industries with the intention of solving the innovators dilemma. Especially in the services industry, it is not hard to be convinced that a large chunk of an organization is made up of high skilled workers, whose innovative potential lies wasted under piles of industry best practice.

The trick then, is to channel that pent-up potential – currently used to make clever memes online or creative comments on restaurant bills – into tangible and crowd-sourced outputs in the organization. But we know this already.




We know it so well in fact, that the next wave of software enablement tools will seek to do just that – bring people together in an environment where ideas can be shared, collaborated on and used in tandem with the everyday operations of the firm. The question then is this: what would you do if you were the first user on Twitter, Yelp, Facebook or LinkedIn? The technology makes tons of sense, but what good is a virgin environment?

How do you jump-start activity to ensure the same momentum is created in every organization – that traditionally has only been achieved by a select few players in the global arena?