Innovation Cafe, Innovation Agency, and Finovate

Innovation Cafe presented at Finovate in September 2013, and again in March 2014. Finovate is a two-day showcase of cutting-edge financial and banking technology innovations from leading established companies and hot young startups. Innovation Agency, our long-term partner and until recently the sole distributor of the Innovation Cafe, presented on Innovation Cafe’s behalf.

Innovation Agency was an integral part in the Innovation Cafe’s initial development and incubation. They have played a key role in establishing some of our largest clients, and still represent the Innovation Cafe in the Africa and European markets.

Since the Innovation Cafe was established as a pure technology and content company based in the U.S, our relationship with Innovation Agency has developed too. The Innovation Agency remains a partner in our global activity, and Rory Moore the CEO of Innovation Agency serves as our commercialization executive.

Watch our Finovate presentation here:

Innovation Cafe at Finovate London 2014