The Global Social Community is an initiative to bring the global dialogue around innovation into a single, relevant and social-based platform.

We have seen innovation work, and the Innovation Cafe is one such tool that allows the natural faculty for genius to flourish when a group of people collaborates socially.  Our vision is to have a platform where the social-based innovation facilitated within a finite group, can be replicated across industries, starting with financial services.

Currently the Innovation Cafe Community is a platform on which members can view ideas sourced from around the world and pertaining to innovations and ideas within the financial services industry and is run in partnership with the Bank Innovators Council. Through collective ratings and discussions around these ideas, members are able to evaluate the merit of different innovations. More importantly, and with the unique recommendation engine, the platform crowd-sources and plots ideas on a Relevance Scale unique to each member – they can see ideas .

“What if you could see every other idea like yours, sourced from around the world, and shared in a community of collaboration?”

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The initiative forms part of our partnership with the Bank Innovators Council. Members of the Bank Innovators Council gain access to this content, and participate in the crowd-sourcing component through online activity, or events such as the Bank Innovators Council Lab Day.

Members of the Community can tap into this content, and access it to enhance their own ideation communities through a number of subscription-based models.