The Innovator

Maybe you have a great idea and wants to share it with the world. Maybe you have a specific objective and want to stimulate more innovative conversation around new ideas. As an Innovator, you can create, discover and share ideas with the rest of your organization.

Your ideas

You have lots of ideas that can make your work better and easier, finally you can let people know what your ideas are.


The cool thing about the campaigns is you can see where the best place is to put your ideas so the right people see them.

Get people involved

You can run with your ideas and get more people involved. You can garner support and build a following around your ideas.


You can create and use tribes to help garner support for your idea. Using tribes you can get people to vote and comment on your ideas, this lets you know if your ideas are good or not.

Adopt ideas

Some of your ideas might be too much for you to deal with at the moment, so you may put them up for adoption by other people.


You realize that you can be rewarded for ideas and their implementation and submit them to competitions where available.


The Champion

As a Champion you help to channel ideas to the right place. Whether this is a formal role with the purpose of aligning activity to strategic objectives, or you just network and facilitate collaboration naturally; you help drive the rhythm of innovation activity.

Deliver on campaigns

You are a Champion of innovation and can help drive campaigns effectively.


Leader boards let you keep an eye on what is happening in your area. You may access overviews of all the ideas and where they are in the process – from idea to implementation.

Set keywords and tags

To help you stay on track you may set a few keywords and tag search criteria to keep an eye on ideas in your area of specialization.

Help with ideas

As you view all the latest campaigns and ideas you provide help to others by adding expertise or connecting them to the right people.

Your network

You assist others by mobilizing some of their ideas though your network and connecting the organization.


The Executive

As an Executive, your role is to provide control and direction over the ecology. Your division-wide or organization-wide view helps you to provide strategic insight and direction into campaigns. As an executive you may also facilitate the management of multiple communities within a single Innovation Cafe platform.

Monitor results

As an executive you will want to see the results of your innovation program across divisions, geography and objective.

Organization-wide view

You look at an organization-wide view of all the people, all the ideas and all the campaigns. This gives you a good overview of where the company is in the innovation program.

Innovation energy

You may want to know how ‘innovation energy’ drives the execution of ideas in my business. You may do this by viewing how many people are active, what they are doing and when they are doing it.


You may set up judging panels, for the executive phase of evaluating ideas, or provide supplementary support to Champions during evacuation phases.


You can provide the right resources for Innovators and Champions to take their ideas to the next level. You may give them access to people or company resources to build business cases, or further build on their ideas.