Towards Social-Based Innovation

Open Innovation, popularized by Henry Chesbrough, sees external ideas as vital to organizational success. The concept encourages businesses to allow ideas to flow from both employees and external stakeholders.

Social-Based Innovation takes this one step further, and promotes collaboration between individuals, both internal and external to the organization. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but collaborating on and implementing those ideas collectively is an invaluable resource.

Open Inno

You Have a Right

And as a social being you have a right to share ideas, give opinions and interact socially with those around you.

Right to Idea
Right to Share

You interact socially… So why not innovate socially

Case 1: The Innovator

As an employee of an organization, you often have good ideas. Just as you solve personal problems socially, organizational challenges should be approached in the same way…


Case 2: The Innovation Team

The Innovation Team is designed to provide direction and guidance to innovation, but what happens when the number of ideas exceeds the capacity of the team? You should turn to the organization…

Innovation Team