An instance of the platform can be hosted either on the Innovation Cafe domain, or alternatively, be deployed internally within an organization.

Cloud hosting

  • Hosted on
  • Managed infrastructure
  • Accessible via the Internet
  • User registration can be open or restricted to a specific company
  • Users can be pre-populated
  • Single sign on using existing social networking sites
  • Suitable for all scenario types

Internal hosting

  • Hosted internally on client infrastructure
  • Access restricted to users within the client network
  • Users can be pre-populated
  • Users can register with a new login
  • Single sign on using client Active Directory
  • Suitable for company idea generation, campaign management and change programs


The Innovation Cafe provides integration with alternative platforms such as SharePoint™ and HR systems. Integration with these platforms promotes innovation content across multiple communities within the enterprize or on the web. User authentication can also be integrated, allowing users to a use a single profile across multiple communities.