What we Believe

It is becoming increasingly evident that areas traditionally associated with innovation no longer hold the significance they once did. Processes can be refined and more effective production methods introduced, but the time between internal implementation, and subsequent imitation by competitors is getting shorter and shorter. Consumers are seeing less and less what differentiates one provider from another.

There is one aspect of differentiation that is exceedingly difficult to mimic. This is the development of a culture of innovation and participation which filters through an organization, allowing it to fully utilize a complex social network of knowledge, skill and information transmission that has previously been largely overlooked.

Supplemented by our powerful global financial innovation initiative – we believe that collaborative discussion in the context of relevant data and content will become the primary differentiating factor for the innovative organization. 

In the service sector the complexity of collaboration across the organization combined with an already complex set of technologies in these institutions, means they require a light weight approach. The sheer scale of the potential number of ideas requires a fundamentally different approach to idea generation, management, evaluation and implementation.

Innovation Cafe enables the involvement, across a collective workforce community, to be effectively leveraged to drive innovation for the benefit of a host of different industries and enterprises. Our innovation philosophy drives social collaboration and innovation.

Innovation Cafe creates a culture where each individual believes

Create Your Profile

Users manage and build their own profiles with bio, contact information and social networks

Create Ideas

Users can submit ideas either in their private streams, or into campaigns where others can see them

Share and Promote

Users can build networks and tribes, then share ideas with their connections

Build a Community

Everyone in the community can join and become members on the innovation platform, sharing ideas


Comments and rating systems allows social-based innovation to flourish, and ideas are naturally filtered through collaboration